To Cambodia

Chomreabsuor Kampouchea..!!   Hello Cambodia..!!

Traveling solo always makes me more excited to explore the place. I visit Cambodia during hot season, its dry and dusty.  If we talk about Architecture, then Cambodia is included in my bucket list. During my college days in Architecture “Angkor Wat” is just a sketch on my sketch pad and now its real. But my feeling is  “Horror sya sa loob”.  🙂

templos-angkor1.jpgAngkor Wat

Pero Walang Horror Horror sa Taong lakwatsero..!! How to get there..? If youre traveling from Singapore (Changi Airport) to Siem Reap Cambodia is about 2 hours and 15 minutes. And if you’re from Manila (Ninoy International Airport) is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

p1080764.jpgSiem Reap International Airport

From Siem Reap International Airport to my accomodation is only 20 minutes drive. As I am a “ninja” and a budget traveler, I seldom stay in a Hotel and I choose to stay in a guesthouse named Greenpark Village Guesthouse for $20 per night with breakfast and 2 way transfer from Airport. I stay here for 2 nights and most of the guest here are backpackers.

green-park-village.jpgGreenpark Village Guesthouse

Im always stoked to start my day and see angkor wat with the sunrise..!!!! I’m up at 4am as per tuktuk drivers advice, I rented a tuktuk for 17 USD. At around 4:20am we go direct to the ticket booth for the angkor complex entrance fee, with a cost of 20 USD, good for one day ID pass with your picture in it. My driver reminded me that I have to keep this ID pass at all times because there will be guards at the entrance of every temples and they will check my pass before I can go in.

5510_069e137ff9b71221ead15a6a200b6fec.jpgTukTuk my cool ride of the day!

c1.jpgSunrise at Angkor Wat

C2.jpgStaring the beauty of Angkor Wat


Amazing crowd in Angkor Wat

At Angkor Wat early morning. Everyone does it; you’d be amazed by how many tourists show up at 5:30am.

c4.jpgTa Prohm

Is a dynamic interaction between nature and man-made art. I felt like Lara Croft from the Angelina Jolie ‘Tomb Raider’, which was filmed here. Most of this haunting beauty is enveloped by tree roots and has been left in pretty much the same condition it was found in.






 So many temples and all are awesome! And “gikapoy kog baktas”


It was fun chatting up with the locals, getting to know more than any book can tell you. Almost every conversation started with the same question-“Where are you from?… 🙂      It was a tiring day but I feel happy….and thanks to my new friend for sharing their hammock to take some rest after sending me back to my accommodation.

Thank You Siem Reap Cambodia..!!

Saum Arkoun Anak Siemrab Kampouchea..!!


  • Airfare (round trip Singapore to Siem Reap): 330 SGD
  • Accomodation: 40 USD
  • Food: 8 USD
  • Tuk-Tuk: 17 USD
  • Angkor Complex Entrance Fee (1 day pass for all temples): 20 USD





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