On the road with my Mother (Tips on how to make your trip Terrific)

Special treasures of the mother-daughter relationship, giving each other joyful new experiences.

Travel provides time and space to really express yourself and focus on what’s important in your life. Sharing a journey with your mother connects the two of you in a way that’s not possible when you’re surrounded by the everyday reality and the endless chores. There is no talk about dishes that need to be cleaned or a boss that needs to be dealt with.

882434_10206686362771198_2195348797398953691_o.jpg(with my pretty mama) Permi abtik basta ako an driver

It might be the best thing in the world for some people to spend 24 hours a day with their mom. Spending quality time with each other, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it somewhere wonderful, in places that are attractive to both of you, and where you can connect with each other through shared experiences.

1530498_10201749999805209_1141987630_n.jpg(basta picture ready permi si mama) Enchanted River, Surigao Philippines
66168_4796257217813_1486843634_n.jpgBritania Island, Surigao Philippines

We were always very close because I grew up with her since my parents were separated.

256816_1951228653877_6575840_o.jpgMarina Bay Sands, Singapore 
258854_1949146241818_6230479_o.jpg Universal Studio, Singapore
859219_4835399036334_1215655058_o.jpgMama meet Minnie & Mickey – Disney Land Hong Kong

A memorable trip that I still smile about was when I treat her to Hong Kong on Mothers Day, even though she hadn’t traveled much herself but she loves to travel with my company. Here are some tips on how to enjoy being on the road with your mom;

*Make a Plan

Making a travel plan is crucial when travelling with your mom. In this way, she will know exactly where she is going to be each day, what places she will visit and what kind of activities you will both do. A proper plan will help her prepare good clothing and pack things she may find useful when you start travelling.


*Respect your mom’s Decision 

Once you are both on the road, you should always respect her decisions and take into account her health, mood and feelings when changing your travel plans. If your mom feels like staying longer in one place, extend your stay without arguing. If your mom looks exhausted, slow down and relax. If she wants more adventures, make sure she will experience something new. If she feels like going home, don’t stop her. No pressure!

856193_4835404516471_121440321_oMama ask me to take photo with this background (hehehe… as requested my precious)

*Let your mom be your Guide

Sometimes I let my mom be my guide. From my personal experience I know how important it is to listen to our mom’s tips. Although I am the in charge of the trip, but I don’t ignore my mom’s advice.

65703_4769814796769_2109630964_n A walk somewhere in Hong Kong

*Always keep an eye on her

When travelling with your mom, you should make sure she never gets lost and if she does, she knows the way to the hotel. You may visit crowdy places where it’s easy to get lost. In this case, write down the proper address of your hostel/ hotel on a piece of paper and hand it over to your mom.

861290_4835853247689_1225416843_o.jpgI’ll be right back mama, relax kaw lam dinhi ho?

*Laugh a lot

Travelling is all about experiencing new things and having fun. No matter what mood you are in when travelling with your mom, try to stay optimistic! Make your mom laugh, crack some jokes with her, talk about things you both liked and disliked on your trip and make sure your mom is always happy. If she enjoys the journey, you will as well!

10860871_10204731290815621_7090644581680577117_o.jpgSelfie first before going to sleep – Dorsett Hotel, Mongkok Hong Kong

Memories that actually matter. You realize how few of them you actually have, and how precious they’ll be one day.It was nice to be able to give something back, to do something that (although small to me) was a big deal for mom. Travelling with your mom is a chance to actually talk and you can slow down and truly spend quality time together.

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is insanely busy, with work, busy hanging out with friends and everything else. There’s a chance that, down the road, she might not be willing or healthy enough to travel. And that thought alone reminds me to seize the moment now. Create the memories now. Because someday, you may look back and wish you’d spent more time together in your GREAT days. And your GREAT days are happening as we speak.

Hope this blog inspires you and would love to spend time with your mom not only Mothers Day but Everyday.



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