To Langkawi Island -A surge of Adrenaline & Moments of Insanity

Want to experience the adventure of a lifetime for your next trip? If you think Adventure is Dangerous, try Routine it’s Lethal. “It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves” – Andre Gide

To all stoked ninja’s and thrill seekers here are the best and crazy things in the Island to keep you damn ALIVE..!!


One of the most Amazing and Extreme experience I’ve ever had in my life..!!


Skydive Langkawi is owned and run by an Australian National Champion. Operate strictly to Australian Parachuting Safety Standards. And all Instructors are Australian Parachute Federation Certified. (I’ve read a lot of previews and all about their team before I decided to jump -hihihi… Kalma..!!!) 😂😁

Before we could get into the plane and fly up to 10,000 ft and jump out, we had to do the standard liability releases, and a little bit of training. I mean a very quick training on the proper body posture and then geared up, getting ready for the jump!😎👍🏼

G0037952.JPGExcited ninja and Ready to Jump

The trip up to 10,000 ft. took around 20 to 25 minutes scenic flight. It was still early morning (around 10:00 am) and the sun was sitting low on the horizon casting a silvery tone to the water around the island. Out the window I could see the water shift colors from blue to emerald green as the smaller out islands crept up out of the water.

At about half way up, 5000 ft. my Instructor asked how I was doing… Surprisingly, I was really relaxed, because Victor my instructor cracks a lot of jokes and hes trying to calm us down. I had no experience. I had no knowledge of how to do anything other than fall. I have put 100% of my trust into my Instructor. Either he knew what he was doing and was going to get me to the ground safely or he didn’t. It was as simple as that. There was nothing to do now but to enjoy the ride!👊🏼😂👊🏼

G0057978.JPGCracking Jokes “pampa Kalma”

At 10,000 ft. My instructor locked in all the gears and said…“ ready?” I remember thinking…“SusMaryusep..!” I’m actually gonna do this? Okay then, let’s just do this… but all I said was…“Yeah I’m okay..!! I’ll admit, I feel 100% stoked and 50% nervous!

G0068043.JPGYeahhh…. Kalma..!!! And it’s now my turn..!!!

My instructor counted…“One… Two…” I never heard three. To release my fear I scream louder than his counts. Free fall for 30 seconds at 240km/h was the intense part of the jump. “Dios Ko..! Nabilin akong kalag sa eroplano.!”  But when we get to fly…. the feeling is like Wow…!! Everything is awesome..!!!


13442701_1109077042469514_8092041164239456464_oWith my Brazilian Instructor

 At around 4500 ft. the parachute opened and there was an acute sense of falling before the parachute filled with air and we were blissfully drifting around and around, enjoying the view on our, relatively, peaceful descent to the most beautiful beach in all of Malaysia.

DCIM185GOPROThe HAPPY Face though 

DCIM185GOPROSatisfied and Happy Ninja


DCIM185GOPROAnd I would love to Jump again..!!!

For inquiries and booking you can check out their website:

*Dare to ride the steepest Cable Car in the world

If you are afraid of heights then this is going to cure you permanently or terrify you senseless. Both in a good way. Also known as the Langkawi SkyCab this cable car is the steepest in the world and also as the longest free span for a mono-cable car.


We started in the Oriental Village at Teluk Burau and skipped middle station, opting to head straight to the peak of Gunung Machinchang. The total length is 2.2km (1.4 miles) and took around 15-20 minutes.

12047026_1691193774429316_6870385265582566653_n.jpgI met this travelers & became my friends (3 kabook bisaya, tagalog ang duha)

*Take a walk to Langkawi SkyBridge

The Langkawi SkyBridge is a curved pedestrian cable bridge, 125 metre (410 feet) in length. the structure ranks among the world’s longest curve suspension bridge located 660 metres above sea level. It offers unmatched panoramic views, and is accessible from the top station of the cable car (SkyCab).


The bridge is suspended from a 82m high single pylon, hangs at about 100m above ground and it can accommodate up to 250 people at the same time. It swings out over the landscape to give visitors a unique spatial experience, and to bring them into otherwise unattainable locations, above virgin jungle with spectacular views.

12002549_10206056723990622_3401447088337426367_oThe bridge is shaking a bit but I don’t care!

*Snorkeling & Stay Salty 

Dive in to the spirit of Langkawi. Make your way to the iconic Pulau Payar Marine Park and experience the never-ending fun in the sun and crystal blue water. Be amazed with the marine life and see what the ocean has to offer!

11999621_10206095279634489_8490161749853107020_o.jpgBahala Lagom basta HAPPY

12049627_1691193801095980_1956058472259831955_n.jpgMy favorite playground

Pulau Payar is located approximately 15 nautical miles west of Kuala Kedah, 19 nautical miles south of Langkawi Island and 32 nautical miles north of Pulau Pinang. Most people depart from Kuah Jetty in Langkawi with speed boat or catamaran. The journey takes about 45 minutes.

To all stoked ninja’s and thrill seekers, you can visit Langkawi and boost up your Adrenaline. How to get there? If you are from Philippines, 7 hours flight via Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. And if you are from Singapore a direct flight to Langkawi is only 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Want to experience the adventure of a lifetime for your next trip? Then, make it a point to travel with an adventurous YOLO-er!  With a YOLO-er as your travel companion, you will never forget to let your hair down as well as experience a myriad of new mind-blowing thrills and adventures.

Terima Kasih Langkawi..!!! 😍👍🏼


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