Lanuza to Bislig Surigao, Philippines

You’re so Beautiful Surigao..!! Kaganing mo Surigao..!! 

Its more fun in the PHILIPPINES..! Lets go Surigao…!! A coastline blessed with stunning natural wonders devoid of mass tourism, Surigao del Sur is your dream holiday get-away.

How to get there..? A domestic flight to Surigao City  or Butuan City (2 flights daily) and a domestic flight to Tandag City (1 flight every MWF). From Tandag City to Lanuza you can explore the place by taking a public transportation like Jeepney for 60 pesos, Bus for 70 pesos, and Van for 70 pesos. And from Surigao City and Butuan City to Lanuza their are bus and comfortable Air-con Vans everyday.

Tandag City Domestic Airport

From Tandag it was an easy 40km to Lanuza and once again the scenery was wonderful and fantastic. If you are a fan of surfing, Lanuza is the place for you. And since they are still on the stage of developing and promoting their tourism they don’t have Big Hotels yet, the accommodations here are Home-stay and Hostels. For (backpackers) 250 pesos per night and for (group1 cottage) 1200 pesos per night.

Here are some of the Home-stay and Hostels that Lanuza can offer and accommodate guests for a very reasonable price. And I’m sure you’ll love the place!


56421267Babak Bungalows


Lanuza Surf Camp Hostels

Lanuza is a small but lovely town in the province of Surigao Del Sur.  It is bestowed with a wide range of awe-inspiring tourist destinations that have been given much significance by the local government in accordance with its vision statement as a major component of community development.  That is why the people of Lanuza have been warm and enthusiastic in showing the worlds best in town has to offer.

11053684_10205718765901881_7028878352243682063_o.jpgKayaking at Lanuza Bay, Surigao Philippines

Within the town proper, like poktoy and surf camp area, surfing grounds definitely possess world-class waves comparable to that of Cloud 9 in Siargao. These beach and reef breaks became famous among tourists, particularly surfers, for its eye-catching and roaring waves, a must-see spot for all surfers both local and foreign who are enjoined to compete in the Lanuza Surfing Festival held during the highest eve of tide, usually in the third week of November.




12107881_1691329447749082_9035126491530917801_n1Lanuza Bay with  the surfers

Magkawas Falls, Sibahay Lanuza Surigao del Sur – from Lanuza proper it will take 10 minutes drive to reach this lovely falls.

Clean & Green Magkawas

12108046_1691329287749098_5312862395510992036_n.jpgMagkawas Falls

  • Entrance Fee: 10.00 Php
  • Parking Fee: 50.00 Php for cars, 30.00 Php for motorize
  • Cottage: 50.00 Php

Lanuza Sanctuary – from Lanuza proper it will take 15 minutes drive to reach this place. This marine protected area has been made as a habitat to different aquatic species. Along that guard house is the famous Sanctuary Café which sells hot and cold concoctions and native food of the town. People will certainly enjoy their stay at this community-based project which exudes fresh air and displays verdant canopies in this pleasantly tranquil environment.


12107853_1691329414415752_1350776025828806964_n.jpgLanuza Sanctuary

  • Entrance Fee: 10.00 Php

Punta Black Pebble Beach, Lanuza Surigao del Sur – from Lanuza proper it will take 8 to 10 minutes drive to reach this awesome beach.

12096505_1691329277749099_6882902156816033449_n.jpgPunta Black Pebble Beach

  • Entrance Fee: None

Laswitan, Cortes Surigao del Sur – From Lanuza proper it will take 1 hour drive to reach this place.



  • Entrance Fee: 5-15 years old – 10.00 Php, 16 years old pataas – 20.00 Php
  • Cottage: 200.00 Php
  • Parking: Free (kanya kanyang hanap ng pwesto where to park, a bit difficult for guests with cars, they don’t have proper parking slots)

Tinuy-an Falls, Bislig Surigao del Sur – From Tandag City it will take 3 to 4 hours drive to reach this refreshing waterfalls. For commuters you can take bus or jeepneys then habal habal from highway going to Tinuy-an Falls.

11209497_1691329337749093_1797168937877151115_n.jpgTinuy-an Falls

  • Entrance Fee: 50.00 Php
  • Bamboo Raft + Trekking + Tip: 80.00 Php / pax
  • Parking Fee: 60.00 Php

Here we go.!!! Britania Island is composed of  24 islets scattered around Lianga Bay, locally famous for its pristine water and very fine sands. For Island hopping tour their are boats “bangka” for only 1500 pesos for the whole trip and you can order a delicious and yummy sea foods as well at La Entrada Resort & Restaurant for a very reasonable price and bring it to the island as your “baon”. And if you want to stay overnight, their are pension houses in the area with reasonable price.


boslon-island.jpgBritania Island


735132_14111710560023381594La Entrada Resort & Restaurant

  • Bangka tour: 1500 Php
  • La Entrada Resort & Restaurant: wifi, rooms from 1200 Php to 3600 Php
  • Twin Pension House: Fan room 1500Php, air-con room 2500Php

Enchanted River, Hinatuan Surigao del Sur. This is the deepest river that was being featured in television worldwide and no divers yet have reach to the bottom.

Surigao-del-Sur-Enchanted-River5.jpgEnchanted River

  • Entrance Fee: 25.00 Php
  • Picnic huts & cottage: 100.00 Php

Surigao has a lot of breathtaking and awesome attractions for tourist. This is just a short trip maybe next time I could visit other parts of Surigao. Tourist and travelers are invited to visit Surigao del Sur. Specialy Lanuza my Hometown! Mabuhay Philippines..!!!

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