Switzerland, Interlaken to Jungfraujoch The Top of Europe on a Budget Trip

Switzerland..!!!! 😲😍😎🙌🏼 Super sulit ang pagkikita natin! You are really awesome! Switzerland conjures up many images. On one side, there are majestic mountains, delicious fondue and chocolate, big banks sheltering people’s money, precision watches, and an orderly society. Switzerland is rated as the most expensive country in the world to visit.


At dahil nga expensive ang Switzerland, it’s easy to see why so many people skip to visit this country. I’ll admit I was a bit worried, kasi baka ma-short ako sa pera at malayo pa lakbayin ko, may 8 cities pa akong kelangan puntahan. Pero kayang kaya kapatid basta budget traveler ka walang imposible.


I was super stoked to see the real snow. Lucky enough to visit Jungfraujoch, The Top of Europe with negative 8 degree Celsius. Lamig sobra! Switzerland seemed daunting, having a strong currency and high taxes, and being a mecca for rich banks, international organizations, wealthy residents, and tax shelterers.

Switzerland will never be a “dirt cheap” country to visit, where travelers can visit on just a few dollars a day, but I found to my surprise that it’s possible to travel the country on a relatively light budget. Walang imposible sa mga taong makati ang paa.

How much I spent
Here’s how much my 3 day trip to Switzerland (Jungfraujoch The Top of Europe, Wilderswil and Interlaken). 

  • Expat Explore Quote: 122 CHF (5,991.46) pesos for this trip
  • Food: 65 CHF (3,500 pesos) Lunch and Dinner, Breakfast included in expat explore
    Accommodation: included in expat explore
  • 193 CHF (9,581 pesos) – Train to Jungfraujoch Top of Europe
  • Coach from Paris to Switzerland provided by Expat Explore
  • Metro: Free pass –lahat ng guest may free 2 way trip from Wilderswil to Interlaken, from our accomodation, naka libre nanaman ako 🙂
  •  Pasalubong: 100 CHF (4,964 pesos) naing-ganyo ako bumili ng chocolates nila super sarap tama lang ang tamis at super creamy.

Overall, I did a good job of keeping my costs around 24,037 pesos. The only thing I missed to do in Interlaken was the Skydiving, kasi sobrang lamig kinabahan ako baka di ako mag survive sa lamig, second jump kona sana to. But its ok kasi mapa talon ka din sa presyo – 370CHF (19,679 pesos).

But no matter your travel style or what you plan to do, pag ninja ka at walang arte sa byahe walang makakapigil sayo to travel Switzerland on a budget by cutting wasteful spending and focusing your hard-earned travel money on what you want whether that’s museums, beer, adventure activities, or a pound of meat.

Some snapshots and lovely photos -Jungfraujoch, Wilderswil and Interlaken. Sobrang ganda at sarap tumambay dito kung balang araw may promo ang Switzerland gaya ng piso fare. hihihi…..😂😂😂

You don’t need to be RICH to travel. Never Stop Learning! Stay inspired.


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