Quick trip to Batam Indonesia w/ my Precious Mother

Being away from my mother and working abroad is not easy, as many people thinks that working abroad is “so hayahay” “sarap buhay pag nasa abroad”.  Nah…! only 1 thing I could say is “Bawal ang Tamad sa abroad, and thanks to my hardworking mom at hindi ako tamad. Lolz…. 🙂

My mom is my best buddy, someone I love so much, I call her at least three times daily and I see her 24 hours on IPcam. But when were together I always want her to feel relaxed and special. Here are some tips on how to enjoy your trip with the precious woman in the world “our Mother”:

*Choose a spot that feels special for both of you
It may be a place that both of you have never visited but are curious about.

DCIM101GOPROG0882982.View from our Room

DCIM101GOPROGOPR3033.Pool – Bar – Ocean

*Find what draws you together
We both love to stay at the beach and enjoy the fresh air.

I can see how huge is the smile of my mama, I’m glad she likes the place and I can feel that shes enjoying my company.



*Be open to compromise
We chose the place we wanted to go together.

We stay overnight at KTM Resort Villa & Spa.  The seaside paradise in Batam Indonesia. This resort is just 45 minutes ferry from Harbourfront Singapore.



*Make the most of your quality time together
A grown up mother daughter trip is perfect for meaningful conversations, a great time to know each other, rather than just as parent and child. My mom said to me, “I still can’t believe that we are actually here and you always treat me so special”. At that moment, I realized how important this was for my mom, and I felt blessed that I could experience this with her.

And here we go……Always stoked para magpa spa na si mama.

20354290Spa Villas





*Don’t overplan
Just keep calm, chill and have fun.


*Acknowledge that some things never change
When I’m out of my mom’s site during the trip, – by boat, by plane or any public transport I know my mom was probably worrying about me from her own seat a few rows up. And I was right. When I returned to my seat, Mom touched my arm with a sense of relief and affection any parent would recognize, no matter the age of their children. “I knew you were safe back there,” she said. “But I feel better having you with me, right here.”

Traveling with our mama, nanay, mommy is fun and spending time with them is really precious that every mothers wanted to experience with their children.

Expenses – 262 Sgd per pax (8,900 pesos per pax)

  • 2 way Ferry tickets (Singapore – Batam Indonesia – Singapore)
  • Day Tour with Sea Food Lunch
  • 2 way land transfer (Ferry terminal – KTM Resort – Ferry Terminal)
  • Overnight stay in a villa (Breakfast included)
  • Spa Services (Foot Spa, Body Scrub, Hydro Bath, Full Body Massage, Hair Spa & Facial)-for mama
  • Spa Services (Foot Spa, Body Scrub, Hydro Bath, Full Body Massage, Hot Stone Massage)-for me
  • 1 Dinner and 1 Lunch


DCIM101GOPROGOPR3056.With Fellow Travelers

To those who are willing to treat their nanay, mama, mommy and even the whole family members you can check out KTM Resort & Spa for online bookings and reservations.


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