To Beijing China (Do It Yourself is Fun)

If you’re planning your first trip to Beijing expect the unexpected.  Sa mga Philippine passport holders we need to apply visa. Chinese Visa Application Here’s our 4 days DIY in Beijing China,

Be prepared when it comes to getting around

Unless you can speak or write Mandarin, then you got no problem to explore the city. To those who cant speak or write Mandarin don’t forget to print your hotel name and address in Chinese characters. It’s pretty hard to get lost, we walked around a lot, venturing down  the streets with a vague idea on where were going. Even if you do get lost, you’ll find a subway station eventually and be able to find your way home.

Day 1

From Beijing Capital International Airport we booked a cab for 200CNY (1,440 PHP) to lift us to our hotel, it took us 2 hours on the road sa sobrang traffic. After we drop our luggage to our room we decided to booked a cab from our hotel to Beijing Stadium which cost us 30CNY (220 PHP).

IMG_0864 (2)IMG_0875.JPGDCIM100GOPROG0013515.G0013528.JPG

On our first night in Beijing first question comes to our mind is that “may nightlife ba dito? Around 10pm lights off na ang Stadium “Birds Nest” and Beijing Aquatic Center “The Cube” so we need to head back to our hotel, pero ang masaklap umabot kami ng 2 hours mahigit sa daan. Cabs in Beijing are very tough to get. If you’re walking around and have sore feet and decide to hop a cab back to your hotel, you may find it hard to get someone to take you. Cab drivers can and will say no to you if they don’t want to take you. Big thanks to the Bell Boy of Continental Hotel who helped us to booked a car-lift which cost us 50CNY (360 PHP)

Day 2

Visiting The Great Wall by public transport is hard. But basically, catching the train or bus to visit the Great Wall may seem like a great, money-saving idea but the truth is, it’s harder to do than you think and getting a private tour or driver is far easier. Thanks to Kong Lin for the comfortable ride and friendly driver which cost us 800CNY (5,762 PHP) for the whole-day trip.

From our hotel to Great Wall is almost 2 hours drive. To avoid the crowd we booked a VIP ticket which include a cable car going to Mutianyu (section of great wall) and a luge ride from top of the great wall going down for 280CNY (2,016 PHP).


The views at Mutianyu are of a dense forest coverage and are absolutely spectacular, offering great vantage points of stretches of the wall and a seemingly endless greenery.

We spend half-day just to see the beauty of Great Wall. Our next stop is The Forbidden City.


And our last stop is to Chaoyang Theatre for the Beijing Flying Acrobatic show which cost us 200CNY (1,440 PHP).


After the show we attempt to take train back to our hotel. Here comes the struggle again, hirap mag tanong ng hindi ka nila maintindihan. But in every part of the world their is always a good heart and helpful people who will try to help travelers like us.

From the train station to our hotel we walked following the google map direction. I strongly recommend to stay connected with the internet and bring a pocket wifi. Never underestimate walking distance, things are always further away than you think they are.

Day 3

Beijing Zoo is a bit far from the city. From our hotel to the zoo is almost 1 hour drive by cab which cost us 150CNY (1,082 PHP).


From Beijing Zoo Station we take train to Tiananmen West and we explore the famous and oldest shopping area in Qianmen Street, Beijing.


Day 4

Peak hour on the subway is crazy! But they take security very seriously in Beijing and your bags will be scanned at every train station and large tourist spots too. At the airport, you will be frisked and everything thoroughly scanned and checked. We had our luggage cracked open too, just before it got on the plane.

Our last day in Beijing and way back to the airport! This trip I’m with my 2 friends. I’ve been traveling 12 countries alone, but honestly China I can’t imagine myself traveling solo. Maybe yes I can, but I need to be well prepared before coming to this country.



  • Airfare + Hotel (round trip Singapore to Beijing via Expedia)S$1670.82 / 3 person = S$556.94 (19,460 PHP) each
  • Food: 200CNY (1,440 PHP)

Entrance Fee:

  • Great Wall280CNY (2,016 PHP)
  • Beijing Flying Acrobatic Show200CNY (1,440 PHP)
  • Forbidden City – 180CNY  / 3 = 60CNY (418 PHP) each
  • Beijing Zoo – 19CNY (137 PHP)


  • Airport to Hotel – 200CNY / 3 person = 67CNY (483 PHP) each
  • Hotel to Airport – 174CNY / 3 person = 58CNY (420 PHP) each  
  • To Beijing Zoo – 150CNY / 3 person = 50CNY (360 PHP) each  
  • To Stadium – 80CNY / 3 = 26CNY (188 PHP) each
  • Car lift in Day 1 – 800CNY / 3 person = 266CNY (1,920 PHP) each 
  • Metro – 15CNY (108 PHP)

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