1 Day Adventure in Oslob & Badian Cebu, Philippines

For many people, swimming with a whale shark is the ultimate underwater experience. If you’re coming to the Philippines then swimming with whale sharks is a must. It’s a thrill of a lifetime. GPTempDownload(7).jpg

Whale sharks are the world’s largest fish, but they’re not even close to dangerous. They can grow up to 4-12 meters in length and weight up to 23 tons. They have enormous five foot wide mouths with no teeth.


I can’t believe I actually had a super close encounter with whale sharks (locally known as butanding) in Oslob, in the South Eastern Coast of Cebu (3 hours away from the city)!

Also, they seem to act like pets of the fishermen and are now getting used to the presence of humans watching them everyday. All guest are only allowed 30 minutes to swim.


Then on our way to Badian for another adventure. A 2hours trip from oslob. Badian is located in the South West of Cebu, a popular Island in the central Visayas. The Philippines undeniably hosts some of the most beautiful waterfalls and shades of water in the world.

My canyoneering adventure in Badian is one my favourite memories in Cebu, Philippines, and I highly recommend it if you love getting active, and fancy pushing a few boundaries (in the form of cliff jumps).



Luckily for us travelers and adventure seekers, there is also plenty of opportunity to deep into these waters and into the adventures that they provide. Canyoneering is one way you can get up close and personal with these gorgeous landscapes and one of the most popular places to do it is in a little town called Badian, home to Kawasan Falls.

Some of my canyoneering videos you can click this link -> My Canyoneering Highlights


Tips, Tricks And Extra Information…

  • If you are heading from Cebu City, you can get a bus from the South Terminal which takes 3/4 hours, and will cost you around 120PHP. (Tell the driver you are heading to Kawasan Falls and they will drop you outside the Matutinao Catholic church which is where all the canyoneering operators are).
  • Or you can take private lift or taxi for 2000 – 2500PHP which will take just over 2 hours.
  • Most of the tours and guide will recommend a morning start. Allow for this in your itinerary.
  • There will be lots of rock scrambling and prepare for slippy rocks on the trail. Either wear trainers, strapped shoes or rent some water booties for 20PHP {prices will vary with different companies}. Flip flops will not do the trick!
  • Your guide will take a dry bag that you can pop essentials in, but otherwise you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Take a GoPro. There’s some truly epic scenery to be captured along with some wild entertaining jumpers and splashes!
  • Pop a spare battery or camera in the dry bag as it’s a long activity and you don’t want to run out. That or savour your battery.
  • I can recommend a professional guide his name is Mharkie B. Indig can contact him via facebook or phone – ‎+63 935 108 3947.


  • Adventure Package (Canyoneering + Whale Shark Watching + Guide + Hotel) – 5250 pesos per pax
  • Taxi from Mactan Airport to South Bus Terminal – 250 pesos / 2pax
  • Private Lift to Badian – 2500 pesos / 2pax
  • Bus from Badian to Cebu City – 120 pesos per pax
  • Taxi from South Bus Terminal to Mactan Airport – 250pesos / 2pax
  • 2 Dinner – 680 pesos / 2pax
  • Lunch – 170 pesos / 2pax
  • Guide Tip (optional, pero excellent man among guide) – 1000 pesos / 2pax

Both experience were different, yet beyond extraordinary!





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